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SMS Paryavaran has vast experience in the field of public health works such as Water transmission, treatment, storage & distribution; Sewerage system, treatment, recycle & disposal and Industrial effluent collection, treatment & disposal.

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    We are fully equipped with to take up any engineering assignment of a Sewage, Effluent, Waste Water & Water Treatment Plants anywhere in India or abroad right from tender
stage, with a pre-tender tie-up, to the execution on turnkey basis of the project on techno-economical basis; being technically and professionally competent. We offer services like Engineering, Execution, Operation & Maintenance and Consultancy.

  Water treatment plant and system operators treat water so that it is safe to drink. Liquid waste treatment plant remove harmful pollutants from domestic and industrial liquid waste so that it is safe to return to the environment.
  Wastewater systems are designed, managed, and maintained with the health of the public in mind. This system provides a proper environment that convert the incoming sewage into clear, odorless water.  
We design and construct plants and process stages for effective treatment of semi solid/ solid waste. The spectrum ranges from Sludge Treatment Plants to Energy Recovery Plants.
  We specialise in environmental consenting and analysis - providing services in environment management and planning, impact assessments, impact statements etc.  
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